I haven’t seen this site in years, just a quick post to say hi to lake and the other staff.



SA Sports Gaming

Hello, no one has posted for quite a while, so I thought I would bring back the website in a new direction , SA Sports Gaming which I have made up by myself, and already have people working.

We make games for PHBA/Basketball and FIFA/Soccer. It’s really cool, we made a card game and to win coins you play someone 1 vs 1 on a habbo retro ( recommended). 

When you win, add SAENER2 or some people on the staff page and when they are online ask for coins, (maximum is 100,000). And we will add it to your record stats. To buy players the prices will be on the prices page and you go to the seller room on Fresh Hotel by SAENER2 called Selling Room. If you have enough you can buy for your team and add to your squad.

Here is a sneak peek of the card. Image Dont forget to come back for updates.

Site for sell.

Hello everyone,
I don’t, seem to use this site nowadays.
I’m selling it for a really cheap price, gets normally 100 visits a day.

If you are interested, please visit at ACPPS.